Thermal Conversion (H3TCT)

QuanTerraTech has developed and patented an integrated system for the recycling of tires using our exclusive “H3TCT” High Temperature Tyre Thermal Conversion Technology.

This innovative technology, fully developed and tested by us, allows ELTs to be processed at high temperatures and the result is the production of carboniferous ashes free from residual hydrocarbons and, above all, completely cleaned of PAHs (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons), allowing to obtain a suitable product to further processing and transformed into high quality Recovered Carbon Black.

To achieve this, the plant works with a batch system with separate outlets for the emitted gases and for the carboniferous ashes, the temperature control is very accurate and there are no emissions of combustion gases into the atmosphere during the thermal conversion process, it is therefore a 100% ecologically neutral process.

“Thanks to these exclusive features, in our innovative plant it is possible to load shredded rubber material and batch process it for optimum quality control. The cycle times are as much as 30% faster, compared to “traditional” plants. Furthermore, the still hot coal carbon ashes can be discharged cooled in an external plant, this allows to load the new batch with the plant still hot thus accelerating cycle times with significant energy savings.




Custom Engineered
High Temperature Reactors




Compact Design Footprint
Reduces Construction Costs



Durable High Temperature
Stainless Steel Construction

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