“H3TCT” High Temperature Tyre Thermal Conversion Technology


QuanTerraTech is pleased to announce that it has developed and patented an integrated system for the recycling of tires, with the use of the exclusive “H3TCT” High Temperature Tyre Thermal Conversion Technology, and to be ready for its promotion and sale on the world market.

This exclusive technology, allows ELTs to be processed at high temperatures and the result is the production of carboniferous ashes free from residual hydrocarbons and, much more importantly, completely cleaned of PAHs (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons), allowing to obtain a product suitable for further processing and transformed into high quality Recycled Carbon Black.

To achieve this, the plant works as a batch system with separate outlets for the gases emitted and for the carboniferous ashes, the temperature control is very accurate and there are no combustion gas emissions in the atmosphere during the thermal conversion process, it is therefore a 100% ecologically neutral process, as first in the industry

Thanks to these exclusive features, the cycle times are much faster than in “traditional” plants, furthermore, the still hot carbon ashes can be discharged by cooling them in an external plant, this allows the new batch to be loaded with the plant still hot, thus accelerating cycle times with significant energy savings.

In order to increase the efficiency of the plant, we have carried out in parallel, the development of an exclusive electricity production system, using the gases emitted by the thermal conversion process, these are burned in a dedicated device, equipped with a very efficient gases and powders filtration and abatement systems, respecting the strictest environmental regulations.

The HTTTC system is practically a closed-circuit plant from which only solid and inert materials such as coal ash and steel are taken, while all hydrocarbons, whether syngas or oils, are managed and “disposed” inside, making it completely self-sufficient from an energy point of view with the possibility of selling excess production, without forgetting the possibility of obtaining and negotiating CO2 certificates.

To complete, QuanTerraTech has developed in collaboration with companies specialized in the respective sectors, a plant for the “micronizing” of the RCB and the subsequent “pelletizing” of the same to make it optimized for use in both, tire compounds and industrial technical item.

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